Learn Ikebana in English with Kosa Nishiyama

I have been teaching Ikebana for twenty five years and have enjoyed teaching students from all over the world for more than fifteen years.
I am a Master Instructor of the Sogetsu School of Ikebana and would like to share the joy of Ikebana with you.

What is Ikebana?

Ikebana is arranging flowers and plants from the heart. In Ikebana you bring your ideas and feelings to the natural beauty of the materials and use your techniques to create a unique arrangement.

When I do Ikebana I forget everything and lose myself in the arrangement. When I finish I feel renewed and fulfilled. And whilst looking at that Ikebana arrangement, you can share these feelings too.

The History of Ikebana

It is not really known exactly where Ikebana came from but it is thought to have come to Japan as part of Buddhist practice. Ikebana as we would recognize it today first appeared in the late fourteenth century and was, like the tea ceremony and Noh plays, practised by noblemen. It was not until the late nineteenth century that women were encouraged to learn Ikebana.

Seijo Flower Atelier

[Seijo Fleur Building 4F]
0 minute-walk from the Station!

Style of Lessons

The unique style of teaching Ikebana means that each student receives individual tuition within a classroom setting. The teacher is in the classroom (Tue.14:00-20:30), (Thu. 12:00-15:00), (2nd / 3rd Sat. 13:00-17:30 ) and students can come at anytime during that period for their lesson.
They will get the opportunity to work with other students, see other students’ arrangements and receive individual instruction from the professional Ikebana teacher.

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Place & Dates

‘Seijo Flower Atelier’ , Seijo Fleur Building(4th Fl.)
Seijo, Setagaya-ku
Nearest Station:
Seijogakuenmae (Odakyu line)
15 mins on Odakyu line-Express-from Shinjuku
10 mins on Odakyu/Chiyoda line-from Yoyogi Uehara
Tuesday (3 times per month)
Thursday (3 times per month)
2nd / 3rd Saturday  13:00-17:30


The Courses

Novice Course (Text 1-5)/Advanced Course
8,oooyen per month
(The cost of the materials is not included.)

One day trial lesson

3,000yen (The cost of materials is included.)
Flowers are provided by the teacher.

Trial lessons are offered as follows:
Tuesday (15:00- 18:30-)


To book a ‘One day trial lesson’, please email me with the following information: title (Mr, Mrs, Ms), name, contact phone number, and date you wish to come.

Please email requests